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newspeak dictionary

Newspeak Dictionary

Two Twitter bots generating new vocabulary that doesn't exist but sounds like real one, along with its complete, ML-generated fake dictionary definitions. One in English, one in French - the latter using right gender and number.

Made in 2022 with Python, NLTK, Spacy, FastAPI, SQL.

- see the English bot

- see the French bot

artificial non intelligence

Artificial Non Intelligence

A deep learning-powered web game raising awareness about AI and trolls.

Made in 2021 as a final project at Le Wagon Tokyo Data Science bootcamp, using Python, TensorFlow/Keras deep learning libraries, FastAPI, BeautifulSoup, PostgreSQL and JavaScript. Optimized for mobile.

In English

see the project

random video jockey

Random Video Jockey

A stylized random Video Jockey webapp playing randomly selected YouTube video clips with automatic crossfading, without depleting the YouTube API quota.

Made in 2021 with Vanilla JavaScript, Python, Django, and a SQL DB to store and serve the YouTube videos.

see the project (wait a dozen seconds at the beginning for the first video clips to load)

stalk me

blockhaus 101


A fake Parisian contemporary art gallery showcasing an infinite number of NLP-generated exhibitions and artists, with its Twitter bot.

Made in 2018 with Python, NLP libraries, and SQL. Optimized for mobile.

In French

see the project

street art

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mathematical patterns visualizer

Cyclic Cellular Automaton

A visual mathematical patterns generator. Currently ongoing work for generating 3D patterns as well, using Three.js.

Made in 2021 with JavaScript. Optimized for mobile.

see the project



A webgame in which you guess, everyday, a prefecture among the 47 prefectures of Japan. Adapted from Worldle, which is itself inspired by Wordle.

Adapted in 2022 with React and Typescript. Optimized for mobile.

In English, French and Japanese.

see the project

Patrick Ducratin twitter bot

Patrick Ducratin

A Twitter bot account of a fake French politician.

Thanks to good Natural Language Processing, a few real French politicians have actually been tricked into believing Patrick Ducratin existed, and started to argue with him on Twitter!

Made in 2017 with PHP.

In French

see the project


the amazing VR project generator

the amazing transmedia generator

The Amazing Transmedia Project Generator

A website of bullshit transmedia projects using Natural Language Processing.

Made in 2016 with PHP and JavaScript.

In French

see the project


I also helped produce many creative web/VR/video games projects for the great ARTE TV channel, some of them as a commisioner, some of them as a producer.